Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So, crazy things have been happening in the mission. 

We are downsizing!! Since 2 missions opened up in Washington we aren't going to be getting a lot of new missionary's. In the next 3 months we are losing over 50 missionary's and 4   sets of senior couples! We may have to start to cover multiple wards.
This past week we made hats for the homeless. We made over 60! It was super fun!
So this transfer was crazy. My entire district pretty much went home. Now I have a new district that I am over and a new comp, Elder Alatini! He is Togan!!! :) He is great! It’s funny, I actually knew him in Mt Hood. He was one of my zone leaders there. On a sad note, we are no longer serving with the Hazeldale sisters: Sister Paxman and Sister K! I am going to miss them! Now there will only be elders in the ward . . . crazy stuff. :/ On a happier note, we have more people to teach! One of our progressing investigators, Tasha is getting close to baptism we will be setting a date tonight!!!! :)
Just going through a lot of adjustments and changes. All is well here! Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks (Mother’s Day!)! I am just chilling today. 
Trying to catch my breath. :)
All my love, Elder Shaw
Sister Paxman, Elder Clark, Tasha and Taylor! I love them!

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