Thursday, May 19, 2016

So this week's email will be short...we have a lot going on and I am
having one of the days where I don't have the energy to write out my
usual long know one of those days!

Also some amazing news!! Ashley and Justin Thelin in the ward are
moving to Gilbert in July and they offered to take one of my suit
cases home!!! :) :) yay!! I won't have to ship things home know! :)
super awesome! I love them!!!

So we had stake conference this week and got a new stake presidency.
It was super cool. We had Elder Nielson of the seventy there and he
gave such an awesome talk about serving others and lifting each
other's burdens. He talked about how the way geese fly and compared it
to the change in the stake presidency. They fly in a triangle to fly
easier through the wind. The 3 in front have to flap their wings so
hard and carry the flock to make it easier for the others to follow.
The others just follow and glide behind. When the 3 front geese get
tired the others honk for encouragement to help them keep going.
Eventually the 3 in front tired from flapping so hard go to the back
and 3 new replace them. It works the same in any presidency! Kinda
cool! He also shared this story:

"...Imagine for a moment that you are the last one to leave church
with your family. As you are getting ready to leave, you see that one
of the tires on your car is flat. So you go to the back of your car
and realize that you don't have a jack for the car, so there is no way
to change the tire. Then brother Jones, your home teacher pulls up in
his pickup to the church. You can see a jack in the back of the car
and become excited as he exits, and you run over to him, explaining
your dilemma. He stops and thinks about it for a moment, then nods
before looking at you and putting his hand on your shoulder.
"Alright," he says as he begins to lead you to the church, "Let's go
to the chapel." Puzzled, you follow after him and go into the chapel
while your family waits outside. Once inside the chapel, you and
Brother Jones kneel down and he offers a prayer to Heavenly Father,
asking that someone with a jack will soon appear to assist you and
your family. Then, once the prayer concludes, Brother Jones get up off
of his knees and calls the Bishop, telling him that you need someone
with a jack to come by and help you get home. Once the call is
complete, Brother Jones walks you outside with his hand still on your
shoulder and stops at the drivers side of his truck, looks at you and
says, "Do not despair. Help will come to you soon. Just have faith."
He then opens the door to his truck, gets in, and drives away, leaving
you and your family still at the church with the jack still tucked
away in the back of his truck.  -Elder Brent H. Neilson of the Seventy

I love that story because it encourages us to help others when we are
capable to help and have the means. He then shared the story of the
great Samaritan which I love. His talk was incredible and really
captured the need to helps others around us and that when we do the
lord blesses us with much more. Just gotta have the faith and charity
to lift where we stand. I know that the lord will always provide for
us! We just got to keep going and trust in the lord.

Hope you have a great week! I love you sooo much!!!

Also I can't forget.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!! Turning 30
right?? Hehehe! I love you!!!!!


Elder Shaw

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