Monday, November 9, 2015

Where did the 1st week of November go?

Happy Monday everyone!!! Already the beginning of another exciting week! ;)

So I am going to keep this e mail rather on the short end this week because of the lack of time today (going to Washington Square Mall with Elder Smith in the morning so he can get a new suit for when he goes home, also going to Tigard to have my last P-Day with some of my bros . . .Yes Elder Kaiser, Erickson, and Petersen will be leaving this
coming week...crazy how fast transfers fly by!).

This past week came and went soooo fast! I can't believe that it is already P-day . . . We have been super busy. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways! We have been finding those who have been prepared by the Lord to teach and baptize. We have had our hands full with Zone meeting on Weds, along with interviews, MLC all day Friday, 20 hrs of service, teaching 18 lessons: 9 member presents, 2 other lessons, and 7 RCLA's , and receiving 2 new investigators!! :) It has been go, go, go . . . Just the way I like it!

The Talley's are doing incredible! The boy's are excited for their date on Nov. 21st! Also, Drew is coming around . . . he said some awesome things on Sunday while we were teaching gospel principles . . . he is considering baptism!!!  Keep you informed when we set a date!!!

We also have been teaching Casey over at a members home for family home evening . . . it was so cool . . . so Sister Poe called us and invited us over again for FHE with Casey (Reminder: Casey is the single mother of 2 boys, working full time, and going to school on the side; she is also next door neighbors to the Morehouse's and the Poe's). Sister Poe told us that Casey specifically asked if we could share with her the missionary discussions!!!  We are pumped!! We have already taught her parts of the Restoration, but will finish tomorrow night and hopefully set a soft baptismal commitment with her. She already told Sister Poe that she wants to take the boys to church this following Sunday to check things out! (I was so excited . . . . I was pretty much screaming on the phone . . . the ward probably thinks I am crazy . . . oh well!) We have been sooo blessed with some fantastic, "Honest Seekers" recently. The Canby 1st Ward is incredible . . . such an awesome ward family that is so supportive of us and helps us find those who are ready to be taught! They have been giving us referrals left and right!!!

We also will be teaching one of our new investigators, Daryl at the Ganir's (Ward missionaries :) home this Tues. We found Daryl while teaching a less active. He has come to church with the Ganir's the past 2 weeks and has loved it. He is this sweet old man of 86! We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked if he would read some of it by Tues . . . he said, "You mean I have to read it all by then?" haha! It was so great! We let him know that if he could at least read the introduction before we meet that that would be just fine! ;) Brother Ganir was so funny . . . he said with a stern face, "You will read all of it . . . every day!" haha! I am sure Daryl, living so close to the brother Ganir, will be able to at least read the introduction! ;)

Also . . . some more exciting news . . . Paul, the excommunicated member we have been teaching, talked with the bishop and said that he will be able to get baptized sometime in March if all things go as planned! Yay!! Also, Bro and Sis Morehouse will be receiving their patriarchal blessings soon and will be able to go through the temple at the beginning of April!!! We are so proud of all of them!

So I hit most of the highlights . . . OH I ALMOST FORGOT!! So we had our MLC this past Friday and we received some amazing news . . . . drum roll . . . OUR ZONE IS LEADING THE MISSION!!! YAY!!!!  Our missionary's have been working their tails off! We are so proud of all of them!!! The Lord has blessed the work here in so many ways . . . We will continue pushing forward, being obedient and diligent, to keep this Zone ON FIRE!!!  Obedience brings forth blessings from heaven!

Sorry for the short email :/ Hopefully it makes sense!

I would like to leave with you a short scripture to think about throughout this week. I absolutely love it!!! I love you all and hope you have an incredible week!

Proverbs 4:26: "...Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established..."

All my love and more,
Elder Shaw

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