Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hey all!

I got transferred! I left the Hazeldale ward to come to the Cornell ward in Hillsboro.

This past week was another bitter-sweet one. Having to say a lot of see-you-laters! The baptism went great though! Tasha was baptized and as for Logan he wasn't quite ready yet so we postponed his baptism. (Ugh agency kinda sucks sometimes)....

Mama "G"!
I have only been here for a day and . . . . I LOVE IT!!!! We live with members, the Morris family! Sister Morris is the relief society president and Brian is one of our investigators that we teach weekly. I absolutely LOVE them. It is really cool to be able to come "home" after a day of work and talk with them and interact with them. They are super chill and cool. We even have family home evening with them and a recent covert each week. Last night we were able to play dominoes!!! Loads of fun! :)

I am on my 8th companion (I promise that I am easy to get along with . . . well at least I think haha ;)  My new companion is Elder Petersen from Utah. He is a great guy!  We will be Zone Leaders.  I am super excited to be serving with him and to have the privilege to work with some AMAZING missionary's. So blessed!

Being a zone leader is loads of fun. You have to have that balance between administrating and ministering. It will teach me a ton of useful tools and habits that could help me with life. I LOVE being able to get to an area with loads of work and where the ward is on board with missionary work. We already have 2 baptismal dates for June 20th. We shall see them through. We also have a lot of potential baptisms with our other investigators. The bishop here really gets missionary work. He is very supportive and loving. I was able to meet with Bishop Melanson last night where he shared with me his expectations and goals for the missionary work in the Cornell Ward. The members here are tight! Very nice and open. They absolutely love the missionary's! Change is good! :)

We have MLC on Friday at the Ballard's . . . I am weirdly excited about it. MLC is a Missionary Leadership Conference that lasts most of the day, usual 8 hrs. We shall see how it will be.

Anyways . . . nothing much has been happening, just a lot of adjusting and change. Change is always good though. ;)

Today for P-day I just finished unpacking, got groceries, e mailing, and then we will be going to Sky High with a lot of missionaries.  Super exciting!

Tasha's baptism last week went very well. Very proud of her. It isn't common to be able to begin and finish working with someone in an area. That was a great blessing. Tammi, Logan, and Tasha moved to the Aloha 1st ward when I moved to Cornell Ward. I will definitely keep in touch with them! They are the best! Love them so much!

I LOVE being a full time missionary! I know I say this a lot but it is the BEST calling in the mission! I am loving it!

Sorry this e mail is short! :/ I love you guys and I hope things are well in AZ! Have a wonderful week and always remember to NEVER quit!  ;)

Love you!
Elder Shaw

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