Monday, June 8, 2015

Hola family!!!

Greeting from what Oregonians call "Hillsburrito." Wow! We have been crazy busy this week! With dropping off elders everywhere, and picking them up, (sometimes it feels like we are a taxi service because we are the only elders with a car in the zone), several district meetings, MLC, giving service to members of the zone, and trying to get to know everyone, and to stay busy teaching, really is exhausting. Every night we have gone to bed after 12 without fail, and then getting up at 5:30. I love serving as a zone leader . . . just trying to get acclimated to the work load. It will be good though. We have an exchange with the AP's tomorrow and then another exchange with some elders in our zone. Another busy week!

The ward is cool. It isn't the size of Moreland or Hazeldale . . . it was a good size ward, not too big and not too small. Our ward boundary is actually the smallest area that I have served in, but with driving all over the zone it makes it feel bigger. I love the members that we live
with, Mama Morris and Brian. Brian has been investigating the church for over 7 years and we were able to have a couple of powerful lessons with him this week. I think he is getting there; just waiting for the Lord’s timing to be right. We also have several other investigators that we have been working with. Jai and Stephanie have a date set for June 20th. Jai has come a long way. He use to smoke 2 packs a day and now he is down to only smoking 3 cigarettes; a work in progress. Stephanie is ready, but doesn't want to get baptized without her husband. We meet with them twice a week on Tues and Sat. They are great. We have recently been working with some new investigators and are setting up times when we can meet with them and hopefully SET MORE BAPTISMAL DATES! :) Super exciting!!

So a funny experience for the week. We were tracting between Ward Counsel and Ward Missionary Correlation meeting and were knocking on some apartments in a complex, and a hispanic fellow answered the door. I said, "Hi we are your missionary's in the area and we are
just sharing a message about the Book of Mormon. What do you know about the Book of Mormon?" He then said in perfect english, "Me speak no english." So without a moment’s hesitation I said, "That's ok we have spanish speaking missionary's that we could have stop by here and teach you." His face was priceless!! His eyes were wide and then all he could say was a quiet, "no." It was hilarious!!! I chuckled a bit! ;)

Sorry it is short, but we are going to a BBQ before our next appointment at 5! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH! I promise that next week’s email will be better! I love you to the moon and back!

All my love,
Elder Shaw

Following is a note sent to family from one of my prior companions:

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that Elder Shaw was a fantastic companion when I was with him, he works hard, and has an obvious love for the work, which others notice. Even when he was in a bike accident when I was with him, the hardest thing that seemed to be going on for him was the restricted opportunity to serve.

He's great and I love him, hope y'all have a fantastic time at college! I remember that Elder Shaw made it obvious how much he loves y'all when we were companions (especially his sisters). I'm sure you are all fantastic!

- Elder Stone

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