Monday, June 20, 2016

Back to Estacada!

Well transfer news is in and I will be getting transferred for one
last time. You are not going to believe where I am going....I AM GOING
BACK TO ESTACADA FOR 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!  I got an email this past
week from President Ballard asking me if I would be willing to go
back. Recently, the missionary's down there haven't been doing squat
and the missionary's have lost the trust in the ward. My job for the
next 6 weeks is to work my butt off and gain the trust back and get
things moving. That is my plan and I am sooo excited!!! I will be
white washing in (where 2 brand new missionary's go into an area)
which I am excited about because I will be able to just jump right in
and not have anyone to hold me back. My comp is amazing too!! Elder
Hansen! I was able to serve around him in Oregon City and he is such a
great, hardworking missionary with a lot of humor! ;) We will have a

Also quick update with the Skyline Ward...this next transfer the ward
will be losing the sisters. There are only Elders in the ward now. I
am so excited/proud to have Elder Valentine take over the area. His
new companion is Elder Vincent. Elder Valentine will do a great job,
hopefully things will keep moving forward. This past week we were able
to do a lot of service! We were able to help out Jeff with his yard
again on Weds, go to the food bank, volunteer at an 8th Grade end of
the year party which was fun, help out at the blueberry farm, pick up
llama poop :/, help out at Bob the bike guys, and move bark dust for a
less active family in the ward where we were able to get in contact
with another less active family. Service for dayz! It was a fun filled
week...on a sad note we had to drop Nels, our atheist that we are
teaching. We taught him the doctrine and there is only so much we can
do. It comes down to praying to know if the things we teach are true
that is how we find truth is by asking the source who won't lie to us
and is all knowing. We will keep in contact with him though...such a
sweet man.

You aren't going to believe what I did on Sunday...I sang a solo...:/
I usually don't sing, but it was TJ Kennedy's farewell so the
missionary's sang "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go." I was asked to
sing the verses and then all of us came together on the chorus. I
guess we did a good job...ugh it was my first time ever singing in
sacrament meeting so I was super nervous...oh well happy it is over!

Today is going to be very crazy and busy...I have to finish backing
(since we got the official news last night and I was running around
getting pics with members here), sister Allen who I love and will miss
in the ward gave is Columbia passes so we will head over there at 9.
We will then try to get together one last time as a district before we
all get split up ;( so sad...this has been one of my favorite
districts. We will be meeting up at 11:30 before transfers and will
eat at the Beaverton sub shop. Then we will be off to transfers and
then I will pick up my new comp and we will start heading down to
Estacada and get to work (the only drawback of going to Estacada is
that you are literally in the middle of nowhere...oh well it will be
fun...AGAIN! ;)

I love you all so much! Thanks for all of your love and support!!
Here is a short thought that I would love to leave with you from a
mission tour that we had this past week with Elder Nielson. It was
pretty amazing! Here are some of my notes:

Atonement 2 Parts:

Redeeming Power: sin, cleanse, repent, forgiveness, baptize, and saved
by grace.
*we access the redeeming power by REPENTANCE
-helps us become good from bad

Enabling Power: strength, load, change, become, changed by grace,
*we access the enabling power by submitting cheerfully and with patience.
-helps us become our best from better and good.

Mosiah 24:15
Mosiah 3:19- the natural man is like a flowing river. We need to
change the flow of the river. Natural Man means opportunity to change
and become better.
Mosiah 27:25

****when a trial comes submit cheerfully and be patient****

I learned even more about the atonement from Elder Nielson,
specifically about the enabling power. I have felt my savior Jesus
Christ carry me in some parts of my mission as I have accessed the
enabling power of the atonement. Patience is required, but as we
submit to gods will cheerfully we will be able to be strengthened and
changed from good to better to our best.

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Shaw

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