Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

Well May is here whether we like it or not. I love how when you want
things to slow down they go even faster. Well I guess we can't always
get what we want.

District Lunch!
This week was rough, but we made the best of it. We had all of our
appointments cancel, so we went tracting for days. It was a lot of fun
though. So many laughs! We had a couple of miracles this week. While
tracting we OYM'd a guy named Scott who we learned had a son who was
really good friends with a Mormon. He asked us what we do and we felt
prompted to tell him that we help answer life's tough questions: Where
did we come from? Why we are here? And Where are we going? It sparked
some interest and he invited us back to teach him and his family. We
shall see how it goes! Also we knocked on Nels Dolman's door who lead
us in immediately. It caught me completely off guard. Normally people
let us in when they just want to bash with us...oh no he was going to
try to bash with us. So Nels is an atheist and doesn't have a believe
in God. He grew up Christian, but over time in his scientific research
believed that there isn't a god. We sat down with him and talked some
things through with him. He was actually very nice and we made sure
that our words of choice weren't bash like in any way. He has read the
Book of Mormon before, but HASN'T PRAYED ABOUT IT!! We left him with
Alma 22 to read (it answers if there is a god) and encouraged him to
pray about it. He said that he will read it, but isn't comfortable to
pray. We are hoping that over time his heart will soften and he will
pray and ask god if it is true. You can't have a witness until after
the trial of your faith. We will see how things go. We are praying for
a miracle. We have return appointments with both Nels and Scott this
Friday with our ward mission leader and will be teaching the plan of
salvation. We are crossing our fingers that all will go well.

So some said news this week. I went on exchanges with the office
elders and one of their investigators who was going to be baptized had
liver and kidney disease. He only had a couple of weeks to live. When
Elder Kirk and I went to the hospital to drop off some cookies and
share our love, we learned that he just recently passed was
so sad. My heart ached for Reno's family, for his children, and for
his wife, but then I thought of the plan of salvation and how Reno
will be helping his family on the other side and it brought so much
peace to my heart. We are so lucky to know that death is never the end
it is only the beginning. I am so grateful for all of the blessings
that are found at the temple; how we can be sealed for our families
forever and never be separated. Our time on earth is so short, every
day we are working towards eternal life, to live with our loved ones
and our Heavenly Father again. Losing loved ones is never easy, but we
aren't losing them forever. They are waiting for us, cheering us on,
blessing us. Because of our savior, Jesus Christ the grave has no
victory. Because he lives we will live again. So grateful for my
savior Jesus Christ who lifts me up when I am weak, sad, or lonely. I
know that he loves us all so much and wants us to be happy. We can't
choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we react to trials.
May we trust in the atonement and believe in good things to come. I
promise you that there are sooo many good things to come I know it!
May we trust to keep an eternal perspective of things and recognize
what matters most. "Just as our lives did not begin at birth, they
will not end at death."

I want to wish all of the mothers out there a very special Happy
Mother's Day this Sunday!!! Know that you are loved and appreciated
for ALL the many things you do!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Let's make the first week of May stellar!

With Love,
Elder Shaw

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