Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy St. Pats!

So I wanted to start off by telling you a funny and highlight of my morning. We were helping the Ganirs move (moving to Idaho before they go on another mission to the Philipines...they will be missed), and while doing so we had to drop off their washer and dryer to Sister Salway (a member in our ward) this morning at 7:15. We went with brother Radford and brother Ganir and were able to drop off the washer and dryer and then move Sister Salway's old washer and dryer over to the DI pod at the church. While doing so there were 4 cop cars outside of the house. I didn't know this. Brother Ganir and I were cleaning the floor where the laundry appliances use to be in preparation to place the newer one, and Elder Hintz and Elder Katieli were outside loading the old washer and dryer in the truck. So I guess that Sister Salway's next door neighbor called the cops telling them that Elder Hintz and Elder Katieli were theifs stealing things from her next door neighbor. :/ We heard a knock on the door so I answered it thinking it was my companions and a cop walked in....What the heck is going on???? Then we talked to him and the whole thing was settled. Afterwords, Elders Katieli and Hintz told me that they had to put their hands up and show their ID's to the officers, and were almost arrested...:/ We had a good laugh this morning. :) 

While we were moving, I received a phone call from one of my investigators in Aloha when I served in the Hazeldale Ward. Logan was going to be baptized, but something happened and we had to postpone his date. After I left we had little contact. The last thing I knew was that he was having a hard time and was refusing to meet with the missionary's. He called me this morning and told me that he was going to be baptized on April 9th 2016 and that he wanted me to baptize him...WOW. I was doing my best to hold back tears...crazy how much the Lord blesses us...NO effort is ever wasted in the service of the Lord. So many tender mercies. So many heart is full. 
Helping the Ganirs
This week was another great week! Trio life has been a lot easier and I am finally getting more comfortable with it (that's when you know a transfer is coming). We were able to meet with several part member families. After FHE with the Talley's on Monday (btw Drew is doing AMAZING), we had FHE with the Smith family: Craig, Carol, Hannah, and Haley; and FHE with the Whelchel family. We were able to set up a time on Sat to help the Smith's paint their baseboards in prep for them selling the house. We were able to get in with the Whelchel family which, in itself, is a miracle we were told (the Whelchel family has been super anti with the church in the past). Both are amazing families and we look forward to working with them. 

This week we were able to a few more investigators. We have been meeting with an Indian dude, Hari. He is soooo funny! We had a lesson with him on Weds and he had all three of us rolling on the floor laughing. He is very nice and has a lot of knowledge about the church. It is hard for him to come to church each week, but we will keep working with him. We have also been able to work with Connie Owens. I love her, but she is way crazy. She drills us with crazy questions and has some strange comments, but I can feel her sweet spirit and her sincerity. We will be bringing our very own Sassie O'Sullivan, one of our ward missionarys, to meet with her. Sassie has a big religious background and is around Connie's age. They should hit it off well! :)

An quick update with Jessie: she is still praying for a date. She is soooo solid and every lesson we have with her has been incredible. It is only a matter of time! :)  Tracy has been doing well. She was able to stay for 2/3 hrs of church instead of the 1/3. Baby steps, but she is coming along. We had Jessie, Tracy, Paul, and AJ at ward conference this past Sunday. Paul is getting close with setting a date. He meets with the Stake presidency this week! 

We have had a lot of success with some of our less actives we have been teaching. Loren Shepard is doing great. We had a lesson with him and his daughter Tenzin (non-member) on Thurs. His grandmother passed away recently so we had planned to teach about the Resurrection. We were on exchanges that day. I was with Elder Carl and it was crazy. Right after we said the opening prayer I felt the prompting to teach the Plan of Salvation. I didn't feel prepared at all, but we followed the prompting and opened our mouths. The lesson was incredible. Tenzin really enjoyed it and it kept her focus and answered a lot of her questions. Even Loren loved it! Super lesson. We were also able to take Cathy and Eva Smith (daughter and mother) to the Visitor Center for a lesson and gave them a tour of the temple. They LOVED IT! It was beautiful! The flowers were in bloom and their were cherry blossom trees everywhere. It makes all of the rain worth it here!! At the end of our lesson Cathy promised us to come to church on Easter which we very big for her because she hasn't gone to church in several years! We are excited!

On Sunday we were able to present the "Covenant Path," to our ward counsel. We showed that it is a way that we can help them fulfill their callings. THEY LOVED IT! It was so funny they were all like, "When can we start? Could we start this week?" It was sooo cool to watch the ward really support us. It has been a treat to watch as the ward has had more trust in us. Super exciting!

Soooo everyone in the ward thinks that I am going home in 2 weeks...I don't know why or if it is a good thing? After thinking about why I was able to figure out a possible conclusion: We are in a trio, which rarely happens unless someone is going home or leaving early, and the past 4 elders ended their missions in the Canby 1st ward. I have no idea. I love the members here so much! It is going to be sooo hard to leave this ward. They are in my heart. Brother Reed went up to me during priesthood on Sunday and made me get all emotional. He was talking to me how he knows that I have given my mission everything I have and that I will be able to look back on these 2 years with no regrets....ughhhhhhh it is soooooo hard I hate this. My mission is coming to a close soo fast and I don't like it! So much joy is found in serving others. I am going to leave everything I have here and finish my last 4 and 1/2 months stronger than I have ever been. It is the best and worst thing ever. So many mixed feelings....hard to sort through them all. Easy solution: full-time missionary's for life! :)

Oh I almost forgot! Our zone was able to perform in an Easter concert in the stake on Sunday. It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed singing and feeling of the beautiful spirit. Music can heal our souls! 

Well that was the highlights for the week. I hadn't realized how much I write until I am about to send it...SORRY! #MyEmailAreNovels ;/ You know me, just sooo many things to say. Ahaha

I would like to end off with a scripture in 1 Nephi 13:37 

"And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost; and if they endure unto the end they shall be lifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb; and whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be."

I love each of you and I am so grateful for your love, prayers, and support. We are accomplishing this mission together.

Have a great week!

With love,
Elder Shaw 

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