Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy (Almost) Easter!

I will try to keep it short this week! ;) 

Things have been going well. It is crazy...the days go by fast, the weeks go by faster, and the months go by within a blink of an eye!!! I am trying to keep up and doing my best to give these last 4 months EVERYTHING I got!! I can't believe how fast time has gone...all the experiences I have learned though, have made my mission feel like my entire life. It is crazy how much you grow if you lose yourself in is work. It isn't easy, but it is always worth it. 

The work in our zone has been picking up. The missionary's are buckling down and are working hard on finding more people to teach and working with the members more. So many wonderful and faithful members here. I have LOVED rubbing  shoulders with them and have learned a lot from their example and love. They are family to me and I have loved serving them. It's going to be very hard to say "see you later."

We had several cancellations with our investigators this past week due to illness. Tis the season...:( We were able to have several successful lessons with our less actives and some of our other investigators though. Here are some of the teaching highlights for the week:

We were able to meet with Hari, our Indian dude. He is so smart and very funny. I love the way he talks haha. We had a great lesson with him. We made sure that he understood very clearly why Jesus Christ came to the earth and why he performed the atonement. We also read the living Christ with him and talked about baptism. He agreed to be baptized, but first he wants to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know. :) He is doing great!

We were also able to meet with Jeana Dahle and with Kelly, her boyfriend who isn't a member. He said that he loves it when we come over because of the "good energy" he feels. He asked us some questions and then out of nowhere, Jeana asked him if he would like to take the missionary discussions! It was so awesome! We will be teaching them the discussions together. We are all super excited. :)

We are still working with Jessie with setting a date...SHE IS SOOOO CLOSE!! She is still praying for a date and is doing incredible. We were also able to see Fabian and Lucy Sifuentez. It has been a while....oh how I miss them. Lucy, for now, isn't interested in learning, but Fabian is and loves our discussions. We will be keeping tabs with them and will be there especially for Lucy when her heart is softened to teach and help her the best we can. Such a wonderful family...I love them lots! The Lords timing is perfect though! 

This week we were also able to provide lots of service. Since the housing market is skyrocketing here in Canby, prices have been going up like crazy. Due to higher prices, several people have had to move. We have had to help a lot of members move this past week. Sad to see them go. We were also able to help out with the monthly "Ivy Pull," this past Saturday. Let's just say that spring has sprung here in Oregon! Oh my gosh has it been beautiful! The air is sooo delicious and crisp. Everything is green and there are so many flowers...dang I am spoiled rotten! So thankful to be serving here in the beautiful Portland Oregon Mission. 

It has been a wonderful week! 

Crazy how Easter is already here! I have been able to prepare and ponder this Easter Season and really focus on the atonement of Jesus Christ, specifically the resurrection. In my personal studies I came across a conference talk titled, "The Resurrection of Jesus Christ," in the April 2014 General Conference by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. I LOVED IT! It illustrates how our savior Jesus Christ IS the Only Begotten Son of the Father and all of the truths that are possible because he was resurrected.   

"...If Jesus was in fact literally resurrected, it necessarily follows that He is a divine being. No mere mortal has the power in himself to come to life again after dying. Because He was resurrected, Jesus cannot have been only a carpenter, a teacher, a rabbi, or a prophet. Because He was resurrected, Jesus had to have been a God, even the Only Begotten Son of the Father. Therefore, what He taught is true; God cannot lie. Therefore, He was the Creator of the earth, as He said. Therefore, heaven and hell are real, as He taught. Therefore, there is a world of spirits, which He visited after His death. Therefore, He will come again, as the angels said, and “reign personally upon the earth." Therefore, there is a resurrection and a final judgment for all..."

I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for this wonderful opportunity to be reminded of one of his gifts to us: Resurrection. I know that we will all be resurrected one day and we will be able to see our loved ones and families again. I know that my redeemer lives! May we follow him today and find new life. 

I love you all so very much. I hope that you have a marvelous Easter! Always remember that you are loved...someone is there who took upon himself your sins, someone who laid his life down for you, and someone who knows you perfectly. He was resurrected and in doing so made it possible for all of us to be resurrected. Hallelujah! 

With Love,
Elder Shaw

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