Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hey mom dad and my beautiful sisters! Things have been crazy over
here....opening up a new area is sooooo much work! Wow! We have been
going non stop and aren't even close of getting settled in. We have
been spending our p day running errands and trying to get things set
up. It has been hectic, BUT oh how amazing it has been!!

My son is from Houston Texas, Elder Jacob Valentine!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!
It is so weird how I don't really know him well, but I just love him
and would do anything for him. We had little time yesterday to drive
to our area to tract and he seems very solid. He is neat, clean, a
hard worker, obedient, and diligent. I am so lucky!! We have been
running around like chickens with their heads cut off, but we have
been having so much fun! Hopefully we will be able to get more settled
in by the end of this week. Right now we are living with the sunset
hill elders: elders Prestgard and Anderson (I have been their zone
leader ever since they were babies in the mission! So cool to continue
to serve with them!!).

We have nobody to teach, yep starting new. Please pray with us that we
will find families to teach! It is a little different here. The area
is tough with a lot of money etc. WE CAN DO HARD THINGS! Just taking
things day by day. :) No sweat! 😉

I love you all!!!

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