Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy February!!! Heavy black heart  

Wow...this week has been crazy. A lot has happened. To start I have officially completed my sister mission. 18 months completed....super weird how fast time has flown by...and it's going even faster now. :/ A lot of mixed emotions...its been a little rough...in some ways I have been freaking out because I only have 6 months left to serve the lord full-time...never again will I have have this experience in these circumstances...it makes me sad. We also had to push back Darrell's baptism since he will be moving somewhere in Canby or somewhere in Portland (in the Moreland ward where I use to serve)...not really sure, hopefully things get worked out and he is able to stay in Canby. :) We have also had some other tragic events that have happened in the Villalobos Family which has made this week a little rough. Hanging in there. 

Besides some of the "bumps in the road" this week we had another great week teaching and finding. We taught 26 lessons and found 3 new investigators whom we will be teaching the discussions to this week. One that we have found is a single dad that lives in our apartment complex with 3 kids: ages: 16, 14, and 10. His name is Steve and he is a welder and looking for some stability and peace with raise teenagers...we can help with that! ;) We are super excited to start teaching their family. 

This weekend, we had stake conference this weekend and had Elder Hansen of the Seventy Visit our Stake. It was great! I loved his talk on the Restoration and Prophets and how the Lord's Standards never change even though the worlds standards are ever-changing. It was great to hear because it is what we share with people 24-7. ;)

Transfer calls are this Saturday and we are hoping and praying that we stay together! I LOVE working with Elder Katieli! He is one of my best friends! We have so much fun, are laughing all the time, and have been working really hard. I love this ward and hope that I will be able to stay to see Darrell's, Fabian's, and Drew's baptism through. I will go where the Lord needs me no matter what. He always knows what is best! 

Sorry...I am a little scatter brained...its been hard to process how I have been feeling and thinking lately. Hopefully this email makes sense. 

Saving the Hermanas!
So a funny from this week: While we were heading home from an appointment on weds night we received a call from the Canby Spanish Sisters telling us that someone has broken into their apartment. We raced over there and while the sisters where waiting on the doorstep, Elder Katieli and I checked around the apartment. Nobody was inside thank goodness. The prankster that I am, I saw that it was the perfect opportunity to play a joke on them. I went over to the nearby closet so they could hear me, but not see inside and I opened it and screamed. It was sooo funny they were screaming bloody murder and I tried to contain my laughter. 
Elder Shaw and the Lamp Shade
In the closet there was a lamp shade so I grabbed it and put it on my head and started to walk over towards them. I then said in an Indian accent, " I was dressed up like a lamp shade...Nobody ever notices me!" They then dropped to the floor and laughed so hard till they cried!!! I was dying!!!! So funny! 

Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful week! I would like to end with a scripture that helped me get through the week. It is when Christ is speaking to his apostles. It is in John 16: 32-33:

"Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

I love this reminder that we are never alone. Christ is with us no matter what. I know that he has overcome the world and knows us perfectly. He always knows how we feel. It gives me comfort to know that I am not alone and although I will have trials in my life that I can be of good cheer because Jesus Christ has overcome all and that through him I can do all things. :)

With Love,
Elder Shaw

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