Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy MLK Day! Can't believe that we are almost done with January...

This past week flew by. We went on exchanges with our District leaders from Weds-Friday. I stayed in Canby and was with Elder Hill (from the Canby 2nd ward), and Elder Frost (from the OC 5th ward). They went great! We taught a lot of lessons, volunteered at the Food Bank, and knocked on doors and contacted some of our potentials. We found 4 new potentials and had several interesting conversations with people. It was really fun!! I love the people here! So down to earth and very polite and nice (for the most part). We were able to set up an appointment with a part member family the Gonzales and Bishop family. They are less active. Sister Bishop lives with her parents (Gonzales) with her 3 children who aren't members: Shay 16, Dallas 12, and Belle 6. We had a great lesson with them on Sunday and they are planning on coming to church. We are working with the YM and YW leaders to help the kids come to mutual and develop friendships in the ward. We hope to see success here real soon and hope to set dates with the kids some time in March, but as for now we will help the family come to church and develop friendships in the ward. Another wonderful family.

We have been getting referrals from members like crazy here!!! It's been awesome! They have been catching the fire!!! YAHOOO! We contacted another family who lives next to members. The dad, Brian, let us in (probs because it was raining cats and dogs). We had a great conversation with him and his son Wyatt about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the gospel and how it can answer life's tough questions. They seem solid. We will be working with their next door neighbors (Meads) to see if they would be interested in having discussions in their home. We are excited! 

Also, we are beginning to teach AJ and Sam (goes by chunky), at the Villalobos's home. AJ is one of Carlos's friends who we will pass off to the YSA Elders since he is YSA age, and Chunky is Yvette's brother who is currently living with them. They are great! We will see how things go. They will take some time though which is quite alright! :) 

I hope and pray that I stay in Canby for 1 more transfer! I feel good about it and I would love to see and help those that we are teaching and starting to teach progress and be baptized. We shall see. What ever happens will be for the best! I know that God knows exactly what we need and that his timing is perfect. I love being one of his full time servants and to share his word with everyone that I meet whether it be a smile, a compliment, service, or bearing testimony...I love it! :)

Fabian, Darrell, and Drew are still on tract for their baptismal dates! Also, we had a wonderful lesson with Casey last Monday. We committed her to a soft baptismal date!!!!! YAHOOO! We committed her to read more from the Book of Mormon and to ask our Heavenly Father if it is true...we all know the outcome!! ;) We are super excited! 

Tracy, the Morehouse's daughter, finally sold her house and is living with them now. We will resume teaching her hopefully this week and help her progress towards baptism! So many good things are happening! I know that obedience can bring miracles!!! We are so blessed!

I hope that you all had a wonderful week this past week. I hope that this week will be even better! It is all with your attitude! :) I love this gospel for it brings knowledge, hope, and understanding to our lives. I also know that as we show gratitude to our Heavenly Father for the many things that he has given us that we will be more happy and upbeat. 

I would like to share a Journal Entry from my Great Grandmother, Donna Thompson. She says, "If I were to give my best advice to my grandchildren I would say: For them to have complete Joy and Happiness. The key to happiness can be found in two tiny words, BE THANKFUL, BE GRATEFUL for what you have, be it great or small and you will be happy. Don't let weeks slip by without taking time out to count your many blessings. The way to keep your blessings is to be thankful for them. Start and end each day with prayer. Give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all of your many blessings. Be thankful for the gospel, priesthood, church, leaders, the atonement, for the good homes and family. Appreciate your ability to walk, see, think, hear, speak, smell, and feel. Don't contaminate your mind with evil thoughts, envy, strife, hate and revenge. Keep your body clean, pure, and virtuous. Let the Lord know you love him for all these blessings and live each hour of the day with realization that the Savior is standing at your side. I want my children and grandchildren to know that I have a strong and burning testimony of the gospel, that our Heavenly Father lives, that he does and answer our prayers that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, just as our prophet today. If we will listen to their counsel and inspired teachings, we will be happy. I am thankful for each of you, and the joy and happiness that you have brought into my life."

I love my great grandma and I am so grateful for her inspiring words. May we live in thanksgiving daily. I know that as I have tried to do so that I am a lot more happier and I am able to see the lords hand in my life everyday, for his hands are in our lives every day. I am able to cope with my challenges and to press forward. As we express gratitude and show our thankfulness by the way we live we will receive the strength we need to overcome all of our obstacles. We will be able to focus on the needs of others and to serve with our hearts, might, mind, and strength. We can become the beings that our Heavenly Father designed us to be. We are so blessed...

I am so grateful for each of you and for your love and support. You are a blessing in my life and in the lives of others. I hope that you all have a fantastic week!

With Mucho Love,
Elder Shaw 

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