Monday, August 24, 2015

Record breaking transfer!

For the first time since my trainer I will be with a companion for more than a transfer (I know...I am a terrible missionary . . . missionary's just can't stand me ha). Also, for the first time since my greenie area I will be in an area for more than 3 months. I am super excited to be staying here for one more! We have a lot of good things happening so I am thrilled to keep working hard and giving my all every day. Hopefully we can get some baptisms! ;) It would be great for the ward. They haven't had a convert baptism in over 2 and a half years! Would be nice to get things rolling. How are we going to get one?  We have a couple of ideas. This week we finally got the list of all of the part member families in the ward (21) and we will be contacted them. We are also working very closely with the ward and the auxiliaries and getting them involved with the work by taking them out with us to lessons, having family nights with them (where we come over to their house for 15 to 20 minutes, share a lesson, and then invite them to exercise their faith by inviting their neighbors or those that they know to hear a message about the gospel), and by being supportive and helping them they best they can to fulfill their callings. We shall see how it goes. We have a couple of people that could possibly be baptized this transfer so we will keep trying with them and hopefully get them to the waters of baptism. Exciting stuff!!!

Also this coming transfer I am super excited! 7 out of 9 of the companionships in our zone will be training! (sadly Sister Anderson won't be here . . . but I hear that she will be white washing into a spanish area out in the country . . . Canby! Not exactly sure though, wherever she goes she will do so good!) So exciting to be surrounded by that wonderful greenie fire!!! I am pumped! Our zone has been doing fantastic! The APs called us last week and asked if we could be a pilot zone for the mission! They told us to focus on getting our progressing investigators baptized and also to keep finding new people to teach. We shall do our very best! I love these wonderful missionary's here!

This past week has had its ups and downs. We had 8 lessons cancel!  :/ Ouch that was rough . . . but on the bright side we were able to have several service opportunities! On Friday we were able to be involved with a function called "Hoop Camp," where children with disabilities come to play basketball and just have a great time! I was in charge of checking in all of the volunteers and then after that I watched a boy named Joey. Joey is a gem! He is 11 and is the funniest and also one of the most stubbornest kids I know. I was able to shoot hoops with him and keep him occupied for 6 hrs. It was quite the task, but boy did I love it! Such a sweet kid. I just couldn't keep my smile off of my face the entire time! I love serving my brothers and sisters. They are such choice spirits! Felt so much love for them!

Had several funny yet awkward/funny stories this week . . . most seemed to happen in the car. The first one was when we were driving and I was stopped at a stop sign and saw some cyclists coming so I was being nice and stopped, thinking that they were going to pass . . . it was so awkward they just stared at me, gave me a funny look, and then turned the other way . . . awk. Then after church, we got into the car, but then I saw someone who we needed to talk too so I got in real quick, started the car, and then instead of pressing the break I pushed the gas real hard and the engine roared . . . that isn't the awkward part, not only did everyone look at us, but all of the young women were several yards away from the car so it looked like I was reaving the engine at them . . . super awk . . . I laugh super hard though! Then we had a lesson with a part-member family this week, but while we were teaching, their dog kept farting and it smelt soooooo bad . . . I was dying . . .I needed a gas mask or something! I couldn't breath! I just kept laughing at myself because of the smell and the looks and faces that were coming from Elder Kaiser! hahaha! So funny! Also I love the members that we live with, Mama Morris and Brian. I have been scaring Mama Morris so much this week! It has been hilarious! Hiding behind doors, around corners etc. So much fun! Feels like home. Love the Morris's! They treat us like family!

Today we will be cleaning things, getting things ready for the new missionary's, going to the transfer swap to welcome the new missionary's, and hopefully getting a break in between. Its gonna be crazy!

Scripture for the week!!

Luke 12:34 "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also"

What do you treasure? Is your heart in the right place? Part of my heart will always be in Oregon! :)

I love you all! I appreciate you all! Have a wonderful week! Have a laugh here and there, smile, work hard, and live life to its fullest!!!

All my love and more,
Elder Shaw

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