Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey everyone!

Soooo I am staying here in Hillsboro! Elder Petersen will be leaving though. He will be going to Milwaukee and training a new zone leader. I will also be training a new zone leader . . . yikes! :/ I will be training Elder Kaiser! Funny . . . he was also trained in Estacada! A new thing that the mission is doing is that they have done away with transfer meeting so we will be having "transfer swaps" and will be having p-day the same many things to do, yet so little time . . . oh well it will be an adjustment, but change is always good. Since we won't be having transfer meetings and the departing missionaries won't have an opportunity to give their testimony's they created a fireside the Sunday before transfers for members, less actives, and investigators to come (I think I have mentioned it  before). The sad part is that missionaries aren't allowed to go :( I will be able to have a short time today to say my goodbyes to so many missionaries that I love. It's going to be a tough day, but as we all know that there are never "goodbyes," just "see yo-laters!"

Hillsboro East District

Hillsboro West District
Another change that they have made to the mission is that they no longer have spanish missionaries separate from the english. They dissolved the 2 spanish zones and then mixed them with the 9 english zones! So now instead of being over just 16 missionaries I will be
over 20! Exciting stuff! English and Spanish are now one! Also the OPM is getting swarmed with new missionaries! Over 24 this transfer and for the transfer in August: 31 new missionaries!!!! The entire mission will be training!! Bring on that Greene Fire!!!!

This week we will be getting down to work! I love taking over an area because we work, work, and work! :) We will be meeting and setting up 2 set appointments a week with all of our investigators, 1 lesson to read from the Book of Mormon, and another to teach a lesson. (It is so important that investigators get comfortable with reading the Book of Mormon and developing good study habits!) We also have several meetings to attend. Elder Ballard will be coming to the mission again this Friday, so we will be having a mission conference early Friday morning and then later in the day we will be having MLC with Elder Ballard! So cool! I get to have the amazing opportunity to have a mission leadership conference with Elder Ballard. Super excited!

Just a lot of changes happening . . . just trying to remain above the water! Full of different emotions . . . sadness, excitement, stress, happiness . . . I am a mess! I am super excited for our zone! Although a lot of my friends will be leaving, I will have the opportunity to make more. It is nice that there will only be 3 missionaries that I won't know in the Hillsboro zone this coming transfer . . . that will help me get on my feet! Thank you tender mercies of the Lord!!!

Not a lot of things planned today for p-day. We will be playing racket-ball with a part-member family, the Thomas's (we usually play with them every Monday), stopping by some of the people that Elder Petersen would like to say goodbye too, and doing some laundry, emailing, and cleaning.

Oh and I forgot to mention . . . Travis Thomas agreed to take the missionary discussions! When the Thomas's lived in California, the missionaries asked Travis if they could "practice" teaching the missionary discussions. He agreed, not showing much interest in joining the church, but today he agreed to take them so we will be meeting with him every Sunday with the Thornbrue's!  This could be it! :) He has been an eternal investigator for a while now . . . maybe we can change that! ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Always remember that you are loved and that when things get tough . . . like I always say . . . NEVER QUIT! ;) Come unto the Savior who knows and loves us perfectly and draw to him for strength and comfort! I know that he will help us because he continually helps me!

Love you all!
Elder Shaw

Hillsboro East District: (left to right) Elder Beamer, Freshour, Greene, Tanner, me, Petersen.Sister McLaughlin, Porter, Berry, and Mackelprang

Hillsboro West District: (left to right): Elder Stone, Frost, Lund, Meredith, Petersen, and me. Sisters: Kalonihea and Beutler

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