Monday, July 6, 2015


Hey all! Can't believe that it is already Monday! Time flies! We have already reached the end of the transfer already...we shall see what happens.

This week has been another blur. We had several meetings this past week. On Tuesday we had several appointments with recent converts and our investigators and had to make sure that everything was in order for zone conference on Wednesday.  Then on Wednesday we had zone conference for most of the day. It was bitter sweet. Our training went really good! We were asked to do the training on bold commitments. We only had 10 minutes, so we just followed the spirit and it ended up turning out amazing! Crazy how much I have changed on my mission . . . can't believe that I will be hitting my year mark this month . . . wow . . . Also I was able to see and hear a lot of my best friends bear their testimonies before they go home this transfer. I was an emotional mess. I brought a small package of tissues just in case...yeah I ended up using all of them.  :/  I have 4 companions including my trainer Elder Olsen who will be returning home . . . it is bitter-sweet. They are off on their next adventures.  :)  Loved working with them! On Thursday, we went on an exchange with the Hillsboro elders and I went over there with an elder who is struggling with his mission. We had several great conversations. He lacks confidence and is way too hard on himself . . . it reminded me of myself at the beginning of my mission. I was able to help him out as much as I could and tried to light back the fire in his heart for his mission. So blessed to be working with such amazing missionary's!  On Friday we played catch up in our area: we finished weekly planning, visited with some of our potentials, investigators, and less actives.  Great day!

Just Horsing around!
Hope everyone's 4th of July went good! Mine was definitely one to remember! On Saturday, we met at a member’s house in the Hillsboro ward at 7:30, had breakfast, and got ready for the parade. It was a blast . . . so the missionary's are now famous . . . We run the city! Just kidding! Haha! It was funny . . .people actually wanted what we were handing out: Popsicles, “Just Serve” cards, and candy. (And yes Dad! I almost ate it all myself!  ;)  Some members from our ward, the Thornbrues, Burkes, Bolingers, and the Thomas's (love them all), had water guns waiting for us and completely drenched us . . . I LOVED IT! :) Afterword, we ate lunch which consisted of hotdogs (hehe), potato salad, watermelon, salad, and chips. Yummy!  Since all of our investigators were either out of town or were busy we weren't able to spend the 4th with them, but we went over to the Deweys, members of the Glenco ward, and chilled there until service later that afternoon. We played dunk ball, Uno and hanged out. I was even able to take a nap!  

Around 5, we went over and helped the Hillsboro elders catch chickens and get them into the coupe . . . let’s just say that I am the new father hen!  Haha! I had a big stick and herded them safely to their coup. No chickens were hurt in the process!  Then the Deweys took us to Red Robin for our 4th of July dinner.  Us, Hillsboro, and Glenco elders, and the Quatama sisters, had dinner with the Deweys! Had a lot of fun, but my stomach acted up again . . . After dinner and a short break, we all pilled into mama Deweys van and went around the neighborhood finding fireworks! It was a lot of fun! One of my favorite 4th of July's!

The Parade Brigade!
Anyways, had a wonderful week! Sorry that I am keeping it short and sweet this week. I will be going with Elder Olsen down to Estacada to meet up with the Peterson's to spend their last p day with them. We will be going out for lunch and then visiting people over there! I am so excited to be going home!  (Estacada!!!) As crazy as it is, I absolutely love it!

Short thought:

          Since I have been on my mission I have found that we receive so many
          blessings when we are obedient. This past week I had to stand my
          ground and go against popular opinion to remain obedient and let me
          tell you I am so happy that I did!  I know that obedience brings
          forth blessings and that there will be times in our lives were we need
          to stand up for what we believe in. Always remember that the savior is
          standing there with you! As long as we do the right things we will
          always have his aid on our side. So grateful for my upbringing, and for
          parents who taught me how to be obedient. Remember that although the
          world values may change, the lord's standards never change. May we
          continue to be obedient, loving and stand up for what is right.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Make it one of the best! Love you!!!

All my love,
Elder Shaw

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