Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I was transferred!

As you know, I got transferred. Our area was actually "white washed". The Zone Leaders were originally in the YSA ward, but they got distracted (yikes) and so President put the new Zone Leaders in Moreland because the work was going good. He also made me a District Leader!! I am nervous!  He also put me with a comp that is going home next transfer, so I will be at the next transfer meeting! I already will have had 6 companions. It's going to be tough, but I am sure it will be rewarding! I just can't QUIT! :)  Never give up...I know He will give me the strength I need!

My new home!
I am now in Hazeldale/Beaverton and am beginning to settle in.  Right now we don't have a car...hoping and praying that we will get one! The apartment is very nice though! I get my own bathroom and we have a washer and dryer!!! :) Very spoiled compared to my previous area! 

It is completely different! The ward members here treat me so much like family! I love it! I am in Sister Brownell’s home stake! We have so many members here! They could make two wards here. I haven't been updated yet on the work here...just still trying to settle in. Hazeldale has big boundaries, but in the bright side, we share the ward with sisters.

I have been taking things by day. It's amazing how much I have changed. I may be stressed at times, but I have been able to contain the stress and take things one step at a time. I have no idea what to do; being the district leader...I don't know what I am doing. Thank goodness that most of my job is taking numbers! My district is full of older missionary's! We have the Reedville Elders and Sisters and us. Sister Kilgrow, elder Clark, and elder Peterson are going home after this transfer. More changes!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love you all so much! I am so lucky to have you all in my life! Thanks for the updates, advice, love, and support!

All my love and more, 
Elder Shaw

That is crazy that Rachel is coming! I had a weird feeling that she would be coming here! Crazy! If she has any questions she can fill feel to email me! So excited for her!

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