Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hey all!

I hope everyone had a great week last week! Happy springtime! :) The weather here in Oregon has been fantastic! Sunny Days!!!

I love the Hazeldale ward! The members are so AMAZING! There are over 300 members that are active! I had to do a little adjusting coming from a ward that at first had only 76 members! I loved it! I went around and tried to meet with everyone and remember their names! It feels like I have known the people forever. It was like reuniting with old friends. They are so friendly and welcoming. It has been cool because they would ask me where I am from and then they would name off several people that I know that live in mesa, Arizona. What a small world. The area is the best. It has some city and country! The best of both worlds! The apartment that we live in has a washer and dryer!!! :) Also it has 2 bathrooms!!! It’s the greatest!

My District
 This week was pretty chill. I got to know some of the members and those that we are teaching. My companion, Elder Clark only has 5 weeks left so he has pretty much checked out. In fact in my district there are 3 missionaries that will be leaving in 5 weeks. In the district there are the Reedville Elders and Sisters and then us. We have Elder Peterson, Jacobson, Clark and I and then we have the sisters: Torrie and Kilgrow. Peterson, Clark and Kilgrow will be dying this transfer (missionary term for going home). We had our first district meeting of the transfer last friday. I have been trying to get the district motivated to do more missionary work and to never quit! ;) I felt prompted to center the training and practice on our purpose as missionary's! I shared a couple of things from PMG chapter 1 and shared why I decided to serve a mission. The spirit was so strong. I talked about the savior and his atonement and my desire to share that message with everyone I meet. I then asked the entire district to share why they decided to serve a full time mission. There wasn't a dry eye in the meeting. It was so powerful! It just goes to show that we all can receive revelation for the people that we serve. We just have to put our spiritual ears and eyes on, and turn to the Lord through prayer and scripture study to touch others lives.

Tupou Family!
Oh and I also forgot! I got to go to the Temple on Tues to attend an endowment session for Rose Tupou. I loved working with their family! They have all come a long way. Although we didn't have any baptisms in Moreland, I was able to go to 3 endowment sessions. Sometimes we never know how much good we do, so keep fighting and never give up! There are so many people that are waiting for you to open your mouth and to share the gospel with them. Always remember who you are!

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to represent the lord while serving a mission. I never want to take my tag off!


I love you all and pray for you all daily!

Have a wonderful week!

All my love,
Elder Shaw

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