Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sorry it's late and sorry that it will be short!

This morning we went to Mt. Hood to go hiking. It was beautiful. While going over there, we went through Sandy which brought a lot of awesome memories back to my mind of my time in Estacada! It was so nice to spend a day back in the country.

We have been super busy here lately. Last companionship inventory I cracked out the whip! We got down to business and straightened things out. Before I got here, there wasn't a lot of activity happening. There is so much potential for baptisms here! We could have 4 baptisms lined up here soon . . . hopefully! We have been working real hard and it is awesome to see that when you give it all up to the Lord, that he blesses you, and his work. We have been able to start a lot of the missionary discussions recently and we have a new investigator, Carolina, whose fellowshipers are the Tupou family. (My favorite Tongan family! :) All of them, including Carolina, came to church on Sunday! It was awesome. Our meeting time is now at 1pm . . . yuck!

This past Sunday 
we were at the church from 8-6 . . . it was a long day. (Yes dad, I did go to choir practice, even though I don't sing as good as you!) I taught Gospel Principles and the Young Men yesterday too . . . I thought it went well. I taught about the power of fasting and shared several fasting experiences that I have had. I got emotional at some parts, but I tried to be tough. :) It was an awesome experience. I could feel the spirit so strongly, as I bore testimony! I love to teach the gospel!

Our District at Mt. Hood
Just been trying to organize the work here and to get it back on track. It has been difficult, but there has been so much good that has come from it! We have been building up our teaching pool, and this week we had 15 lessons! (This has been great, because before, we only had an average of 7 or 8). Thank goodness for the comfort and direction prayer gives me. It has helped me be not being so stressed. When you trust the Lord and seek him through prayer, I know that we can gain much comfort and our burdens can be lightened. We just have to turn to the Lord and trust him!

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! The Church is True!

Love you always and forever,
Elder Shaw

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