Monday, January 19, 2015

Obedience Brings Forth Blessings! ‏

So I hope this email makes sense . . . I am on a lot of pain medication. I am as high as a kite . . . I'll get into the details later.

Well . . . what a crazy couple of days it has been. We have been working very hard here in Moreland. Once my head would hit the pillow, I would be out! We have gotten 3 new investigators! The Lord has helped us so much with his work. We just have to be willing to act on his prompting and be willing to work hard and do his will. They are all such wonderful spirits and I am so excited to be working with the investigators by helping them come closer to the lord. We had two of them come to church these past Sundays. We have also started to teach a family whose mother, when she was 14, lived with an LDS family when she was homeless, in Provo, Utah. They are really nice and loving and hopefully we will be able to see several baptisms coming up here real soon. I have also learned that a family that I started to teach in Estacada will be getting baptized, hopefully, by the end of this month. We also get to go to the Temple this Saturday to go see one of our, once less active members here in Moreland, take out his endowments!  Super exciting stuff!  We had 16 lessons planned out this week, but were only able to go  to 12 of them . . . this leads into my story.

So, it was Friday night and we were biking around like crazy trying to see everybody and invite them to our ward "Movie Night" that we would be having on Saturday, and then while we were racing downhill, disaster struck! I hit a pot-hole in the road and I flew over my handle bars and face planted into the cement with my bike landing on top of me. I remember very little what happened next. I just lied there and waited for someone to come help me.  I remember everything being all fuzzy.  They thought I had a concussion.  There were two dudes on the road that saw what happened. One called 911, and moments later, I had my very first ride in an ambulance! I met the driver Brandon, and the person helping me, Marty.

I then remembered that things don't happen by coincidence and I began talking about the gospel with them! There are no excuses people! I asked them what their religious background was and I learned that Marty was born Catholic, and then grew out of it. He believes that there is a God, but hasn't found a religion that is a fit for him. Boy do I have a gift for him!!!!  ;) THE GOSPEL!!!!! He then told me about his 18 year old daughter who was going to college who wasn't making the best decisions. I taught him about agency and told him that God gives us agency because he loves us and that he wants us to learn and to grow. They were both very nice. Hopefully seeds were planted there! Then I was moved from a stretcher and met one of my nurses Brandi, who gave me my CT scan. 

I talked to her about her family and she told me that she had a 20, 17, and 15 year old son. I talked to her about how God gives us families so we can be happy. She told me that she lived in Oregon City and that she had the missionary's over a couple of times. She would be the perfect Relief Society president!!!!! She looked like a perfect Mormon mom! I love her, she was great! After waiting for over 2 hours in the hallway for results, I learned that I have a radial head fracture on my elbow, a big, plump, fat lip, and an abrasion on my chin and swelling in my arm. I look like the deformed man from the “Goonies” . . . my face is healing though . . . sorry no pictures! I am not confident. I go to the arm doctor on Wednesday morning to find out what will happen. I got the car I wanted though . . . but it came with a price! HaHa! Don't worry Mom, my knee wasn't hurt in the accident, my face and upper body took most of the impact!

VooDoo Doughnuts!

Saturday and Sunday I just slept, ate, and slept and ate . . . I made sure that I went to church to partake of the sacrament though, . . . NO EXCUSES!  HaHa!

This week’s lesson is obedience! Listen to the Lord, his prophets, his leaders and teachers, your parents and obey the commandments! The lord will bless you. If I didn't wear my helmet I probably wouldn't be here to tell this tale! So make sure you were your helmet and seat belts!!! ;)   
(See Doctrine Covenants 130: 20-21)

I love you all! Keep being awesome and stay obedient! 

Obedience brings forth blessings! When we are obedient the Lord protects and blesses us! 

Keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers always! I love you!

Elder Shaw

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