Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hey all!

Wow! Can't believe that we are already in December! Only 25 days till I receive the greatest Christmas present ever...a call/Skype home!!!

A lot of exciting and stressful things are going to be happening in the next two weeks! Mat and Tori's wedding is moved up to Dec, 13th at 3! Super excited to participate in the wedding!  I get to be a groomsman! (I'll make sure that we take loads of pictures) We also have zone conference next week and transfers on the 15th of Dec. Yikes!!! I would love to stay in Estacada for one more transfer to see mat and Tori's baptism go through, but I understand that the lord will put me where I need to go for a specific reason. He never makes mistakes! I have learned and have grown in so many ways from being in Estacada! I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences I have been able to have thus far on my mission! #lovebeingamissionary

This past week has been a blur! We have been very busy! Lots of lessons! The work in Estacada has picked up a ton! We visited a member family last week and were able to get a family referral from them! 5 possible baptisms!! Yay! I guess the mother and father are very interested in the gospel and would like to come to church! The mother is suffering through kidney stones and has her surgery on weds to zap them. We will be stopping by tonight to give her a blessing.

Our investigators have been progressing very well. One of them plans on attending church soon! I am so grateful for the Lord! He prepares his people to receive the gospel! As missionaries we are only instruments in his hands!

Thanksgiving was bitter-sweet. It was sweet because of the yummy desserts! Haha! Also we were able to eat at the Jones's which was very fun filled! It was kind of bitter because I wasn't home, but overall it was sweet! I loved experiencing different things. Not only has it helped me grow, but it has helped me have the courage to try new things (Except for my order at Panda Express; only chow mien and orange chicken) P.S. the Lord knows me! He has put me in a place where there is a Pandas in every city! I am so spoiled! :/ Been going to Pandas every p-day...it's bad! :/

This week I have been able to experience one of the many tender mercies the lord had given me. It has been a crazy past couple of weeks. It has been go, go, go and I didn't really have a lot of time to catch my breath, physically and emotionally. I was very tired and missed my family a lot. So of course when I was able to have some down time this Thanksgiving I let it all out. :( I remember that I just sat down in the bathroom, and just let it all out. I felt very homesick and alone. Then I could feel the Savior's love wrap around me and in my mind I heard him say, "I am with you every step of the way. I will never leave you comfortless." It was such a tender experience. I was reminded that the Savior was aware of me and my situations. He was in the details of my life. He loves and cares for his brothers and sisters. He will never leave us comfortless.

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving! I am so grateful for each and every one of you! You all make me feel like the luckiest missionary alive. Have a wonderful week!

Much love, 
Elder Shaw

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