Monday, October 27, 2014

Mount Hood in the background
So I forgot to mention an out of this world experience I had several weeks ago. (WARNING do not read while you eat) We were invited to eat lunch with a less active. He had a Scottish background and was very passionate about it. He fed us a delicious meal and right before we left, he made us fried haggis (a Scottish delicacy) . Haggis is grounded up cow heart, lung, brain, liver, and intestines.. I wanted to have something very memorable and brave to write down in my journal so I ate it!!  It wasn't very good...I could eat it if I had too, but it wasn't one of my favorite foods. Haha so my mission is foreign! Estacada is very foreign to the rest of the areas, but I absolutely love it! I have awesome stories to tell and interesting experiences like giving several blessings in the back of someone's car...Anyway back on track with this week.

Being goofy with Elder Olsen

Today is possibly the last P-day that elder Olsen and I will be together so we are going to go to Mt. hood. 

At the Portland Temple
I was able to go to the Portland temple to attend a session on Saturday. It was such a great experience. (I kinda got a little emotional, but I held it together! ;)  There was a recent convert there from Portland who took out her endowments that very session. I had to congratulate her! It bought back a lot of tender memories. It is crazy how I have changed in so many ways...hopefully for good haha! I have more courage to talk to random strangers then I did before that's for sure especially talking about the gospel! After the temple we went as a district to Applebee's and ate lunch. Then the Peterson's took us to Costco while we were still in Lake Oswego (the city haha) and I was able to get a great rain coat for only $30! It works fantastic! It is light, warm, keeps out the rain, water repellent, and stylish haha! I love Costco!  I love the Peterson's!

My new raincoat

It has been rain, rain, rain, and more rain! I love it! (probably because I am not in it as much thanks to the car!) tomorrow is suppose to be cloudy. Every now and then the sun peaks out of the clouds and you get a couple of moments of sunshine which I love! Reminds me that there is always hope in any dreary situation! :) Perfect timing with the winter package Mom!  spot on! The sweaters keep me warm and toasty!
Storm was a bit windy!

This Friday we have our Ward Halloween party! There will be a chilli contest, costume parade, and a trunk of treat! Super excited! Getting a little bit nervous with upcoming transfers...anyway we are in for an exciting week this week!

I hope you all have a great week full of joy, love, and happiness! I love you all so much!


Elder Shaw

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