Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello All,

I am happy you didn't drown with all of that water! Haha AZ needed it!   Great opportunity for service and missionary work! So excited for you!  It has been a little warm, smoky and hazy here in Estacada.

Our car was covered in ash when
we woke up! The wind is blowing west
so most of the smoke is leaving now. 

So we woke up yesterday morning to the smell of smoke. At first we thought it was one of our neighbors smoking, but then realized that it had to be from much more than that. We learned that a forest fire started just outside of the town of Estacada (6 miles from us).  Since it has started it has already burnt over 1,000 acres. There is ash everywhere and it is hard to breath. The sun is blood red (its kinda creepy). The members in the Estacada ward are from all over and some of their homes are in danger. Some people have been evacuated, but so far people have been ok. It is just sad because the once beautiful forest is going to be blackened and burnt, never able to be the same again. Yesterday during Priesthood, Bishop Hawkins went to the pulpit and told everyone to get their families and return home to prepare for the fire. Thank goodness several weeks back we had a lesson on Emergency Preparedness.  It has been crazy with all of the weird things happening. We are in the last days. I just wanted to let you and the family know that we are alright here. Don't go worrying!!! The Lord will take good care of us, just like he took good care of you! I am not worried at all!

Oh how I love bishops! :) They are great! I love working with Bishop Hawkins! He is such a hard worker. There are a lot of needs here and Bishop Hawkins always tries to go above and beyond! Bishop's do so much for their wards! I always try to show my appreciation for them. 
Elder Olsen's 21st B-Day!

Shout out to my fantastic grandparents! I love you so much and I hope you are doing fantastic! Love ya muchly! 

Sorry for the short e-mail, but to celebrate Elder Olsen's B-Day we are spending the day with the senior couple, the Peterson's. We are going to the Zoo, the mall, and to breakfast and lunch!  It's gonna be so much fun! I love having the senior couple living just below us and love working with them! They are fantastic!

This week I am not going to be able to send my weekly e-mail because we are leaving the apartment at 8. Sorry! I'll send a good one next week! We are getting ready for Mary's Baptism this Saturday. Super busy, but oh so exciting! We got a new investigator and the work is speeding up!

I miss you all and love serving The Lord and I know that he will provide for us!

Love you!
Elder Shaw

Brother and Sister Peterson, myself, and Elder Olsen.  Happy Birthday Elder Olsen!

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