Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mom and Dad's hearts are now at ease!  

We received our first communication from Elder Shaw today!

08/02/2014   10:29AM

Hey everyone!

So where to start...the flight was fantastic! The man that I sat by was interested in missionaries and I was able to have a missionary experience with him! My first day was rough (had only 3 hrs of sleep), but it has been AMAZING!!! The food is pretty good, but I miss my mom’s cooking. On Thurs night I was made district leader over my district. I was surprised!  We have two sets of elders and one set of sisters in my district and we are all going to Portland!!!!! There is a total of 4 of us elders going to Portland and we are able to room together! It is so much fun! I love them all so much! My very first companion is Samoan!!!! I got my Tongan companion!!!! haha I have loved my experience so far! I have learned so much already!! It's crazy! I was able to teach an investigator of the Church and we taught her about the book of Mormon and prayer. We had another lesson planned for her (restoration), but we were guided by the spirit to teach her and the spirit really touched our hearts! I felt so amazed and so HAPPY!! I realized that even though the work is hard I CAN do this!! Even from all of the stress I know that I am never alone and that the Lord is looking out for you and me! I have learned to come to the lord with my weaknesses and I have found that he will strengthen me! (Ether 12:27) 
I am so grateful to serve on a mission!! I feel so much love for my district and for the people in Portland Oregon! 
I hope all is well at home and I want you all to know that I love you and deeply care about you! There is someone else who does to: Jesus Christ! Rely on him and watch your weaknesses become your strengths! My prayers are with you always!

Sorry for a short e mail, but I only have 15 mins! :/

Our one and only P-Day at the MTC is this coming Thursday!

Lots of Love,
Elder Shaw

P.S I haven't had time to write the thank-you cards because I have been so busy, but I am sure I will find time eventually! 

P.S.S I hope the surgery with Grandpa went good! Send my Love!!

P.S.S.S Thanks for the photos! I will try to send some on my P-Day!

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